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Project cargo movement
By years of experience in moving project cargo by bulk and RO-RO vessel, Uni-Home is able to offer professional service in moving project shipments.

Our Advantages
Basing on the stable relationship with the shipping lines, we can offer the bulk cargo service and Ro-Ro service from the main ports in China to the ports worldwide. Moreover,by cooperating with strong and professional terminal agents in Tianjin,shanghai and so on , Uni-Home is able to offer the inspection,lashing service and other services which are involved within these terminals.

Making&Suggesting the best movement ways
For project cargo, we always consider meticulously about the possible problems that we may face during the transportation and will do enough preparation to avoid such problems. We have many specialists who are quite familiar about the movement procedure.So, we are able to find the best movement way in consideration of the safety of the cargo and the cost of movement for our client.
Main Markets:
Uni-Home offers the project cargo service mainly from China to Middle-east countries, India and Africa. We are able to move the over-sized cargo and over-weight cargo , such as the huge machines,petroleum machines, pipes, compressors and so on.
In recent years, because the quality  of the buses and engineering trucks made in China become better and better, more and more countries import such cargo from China. Uni-Home will also improve our RoRo service to satisfy the needs of our clients. 

Crane renting service
For the especially heavy cargo, such as 300MT, we can rent a floating crane in the port for loading for the client.
Cargo insurance
We can buy insurance for the client with insurance companies such as PICC, PING AN and CPIC.